Why small businesses should take advantage and explore the benefits of device detection in the Cloud

The focus of this article is mainly for small businesses and their owners. A simple search for the term device detection on Google explains that “Device Detection or Mobile Device Detection is a process of identifying the type of mobile device or other device that visits a web site or other services.” Device Detection systems […]

SharePoint 2013: The 6 Things Every Project Manager Should Know

Would you like to work closely with teams in different locations around the world, always keeping on top of who’s doing what? You can do that with SharePoint.
Would you like to set up an extranet to securely share documents with major customers? You can do that with SharePoint.
SharePoint 2013 can help you to quickly find information […]


Everyone knows that generals, politicians and CEO’s of large corporations must be “leaders.” But as professionals, our clients also depend on us to provide leadership.  In a professional practice, success is almost entirely dependent on your ability to provide leadership.
Sales is mostly about leadership. Teaching is mostly about leadership. Parenting and community service and coaching are mostly about leadership. […]

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Working From Home-Infographic

“Working from Home: Is it the Future?” I came across this Infographic asking the question about the trends of virtual and remote working over the past few years and some controversial statements by well-known business leaders.
My take on working from home is simple: this is the future and as clearly spelt out by Cliff Ennico […]

Goals: My Take On Setting and Achieving it Better

Goals: why is it perceived that successful people set goals? We have often heard this cliché, he who fails to plan, plans to fail. I am sure we are tired of hearing people talk about it. However monotonous it sounds it is sadly true. A lot of us often set New Years’ resolutions that are […]

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Change Management with Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Change is tough. This is why most people resist it at all costs. But without a change mind-set things would never change. Change Management can occur in the simplest of things. A good example of change management happened recently when Google wanted its employees to eat healthier food. After their research team conducted its research, […]

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4 Reasons your Salesforce need scheduling support

In sales, scheduling can be a logistical nightmare. At its basic level, the very act of trying to organise a meeting or appointment for a salesperson is fraught with inconsistencies, lateness and difficulties in organising the appointment time itself. Having good scheduling support means that you are able to get the most out of the […]

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How to Overcome Challenging Sales Objections for the Second half of 2014

Sales objections can be quite boring if you don’t handle them properly. Someone who wants to buy will still present you with objections. It’s the nature of the sales process. It is your job as a salesperson to be able to avoid worrying about such objections, and instead take charge of your responses to them. […]

What is the one thing you can do to cut out unnecessary work for your sales team?

Sales teams are experts at wasting time, and it’s not their fault. Some teams are so overloaded with the work they have to do, including the follow-ups they have to carry out, that they can’t really get on top of creating new business and bringing new revenue into the company. It’s a vicious cycle, and […]

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What is your excuse?

I am surprised that many entrepreneurs have ideas but take no action to make it come true. One of the greatest tragedies in business is to have a dream but take no action to make it come true. To die with your dreams still inside you, waiting for another time, another day, or another “big break” is among the […]