How to Overcome Challenging Sales Objections for the Second half of 2014

Sales objections can be quite boring if you don’t handle them properly. Someone who wants to buy will still present you with objections. It’s the nature of the sales process. It is your job as a salesperson to be able to avoid worrying about such objections, and instead take charge of your responses to […]

What is the one thing you can do to cut out unnecessary work for your sales team?

Sales teams are experts at wasting time, and it’s not their fault. Some teams are so overloaded with the work they have to do, including the follow-ups they have to carry out, that they can’t really get on top of creating new business and bringing new revenue into the company. It’s a vicious cycle, […]

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What is your excuse?

I am surprised that many entrepreneurs have ideas but take no action to make it come true. One of the greatest tragedies in business is to have a dream but take no action to make it come true. To die with your dreams still inside you, waiting for another time, another day, or another “big break” is among […]

All you need to know about Office 365 Part 2

The potential opportunities being offered by the Cloud today cannot be ignored. Change is the way of the world. It is important that when there is a change in the way we do things we should ride with the flow. We risk being left behind.

This story has been told a countless number of times […]

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All you need to know about Office 365

Office 365 is still not understood by many. We at Mavericks Services have decided to educate our readers and subscribers to our ever educative blog articles with simple to understand techniques on how to take advantage of this innovative cloud offering. We are excited to be part of the Microsoft Partner Network and Microsoft […]

How Businesses can benefit from hiring a project or business planner

All projects are the engines of change for companies worldwide, when you have made the decision to start something new or having something old done in a completely different way, a project comes alive.  From this point forward all efforts should be focused on preparation (ie planning), execution, monitoring, controlling and management of the […]

Strictly Business

Duplicate Your Way to Success
An associate told me a story of a recent client of his who had developed a wonderful business model. I would describe the principles that make the business model work.

Strictly Business

Clarity Of PurposePeople often stumble over the question of their purpose in life, but in business there can be no question. There is absolutely no room for confusion on this issue. The purpose of any business is precisely this: to serve a well satisfied customer and to make a return on investment.
Sure, you want to make a profit. Of course, you want to serve your customer in ways that are convenient, satisfying and (obviously) legal and moral. But the bottom line is always the same, to serve a customer.

How Microsoft CRM Can Improve User Performance: 5 Examples

A worker who is worth his salt will always be motivated to do the best he can at whatever he does. That is what sets a quality worker apart. You’ll find 1 great employee like this for every 50 mediocre employees you have. These employees seek out the best way to complete tasks, and […]

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Meet Windows 8.1 – It’s (Much) Easier Than You Think!

Starting April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for customers using Windows XP. With this date mere days away, many businesses still lack a transition plan. A major reason for this delay in many cases is unfamiliarity with the new operating system – you’re already familiar with the Windows XP user interface, and you […]