Advantages and challenges of implementing e-Procurement was debated about between two warring scholars in the procurement process. After analyzing the argument, we came to a conclusion.


Below is our version of what we think are the advantages and challenges of implementing e-procurement after conducting our research.


Advantages of e-procurement


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  1. E-procurement can provide a lot of benefits to the procurement process.  In order for it to work, it would require key performance indicators to enable it be successful.
  2. Its reform should be situated within a broader framework of governance. The focus should be mainly on demand and supply for the reform to be successful.
  3. It is important to understand and manage political economy of reform
  4. E-procurement would increase efficiency of suppliers due to competition, transparency and cost reduction
  5. E-procurement would reduce the opportunity for fraud and corruption due to automated procedures
  6. E-procurement would enable public procurement monitoring
  7. E-procurement would enable savings from supply duplication; management of demand for supplies and improved stocking
  8. E-procurement would enable savings from consolidated purchasing, group purchasing, paperless order management
  9. E-procurement would enable savings from improved use of delivery capacity and other service enhancements
  10. E-procurement would enable savings from automated point-of-service distribution; just-in-time and continuous replenishment strategies


Challenges of e-procurement


  1. It is not really understood
  2. It is more about procurement than technology
  3. It is not the end of the game rather
  4. It is a continuous process to improving the procurement system

If you have any suggestions with regards to the above or your own version of the topic, we would love to hear from you as we are always eager to learn a thing or two and learn something new.